Hwy 101 N/Anzar Rd 8mi S/Gilroy W/L S/F-Illiminated - 5005S

Aromas, CA

Outdoor Billboard - Static

Impressions: 58881 / week

Outdoor Billboard

Hwy 4 W/Point of Timber Brentwood S/L-Scotchlite - 2034W

Brentwood, CA

Outdoor Billboard - Static

Impressions: 27002 / week

Outdoor Billboard

Hwy 4 W/Point of Timber Brentwood S/L-Scotchlite - 2036E

Brentwood, CA

Outdoor Billboard - Static

Impressions: 25993 week

Outdoor Billboard

Hwy 101 N/Cole Rd 12mi S/Gilroy W/L N/F-Illimunated - 5027N

Gilroy, CA

Outdoor Billboard - Static

Impressions: 215614/ week

Outdoor Billboard

Hwy 156E E/San Juan Rd Hollister N/L W/F-Illuminated - 5022W

Hollister, CA

Outdoor Billboard - Static

Impressions: 35436 / week

Outdoor Billboard

I-580 N/MacArthur Blvd Oakland N/L W/F - Illuminated - 1051W

Oakland, CA

Outdoor Billboard - Static

Impressions: 456923 / week

Outdoor Billboard

About Us

Founded in 1963, ADCO Outdoor Advertising is a premium outdoor media company with multiple locations throughout Northern and Southern California. ADCO offers traditional and digital media formats, helping both local and national brands reach broad audiences everyday. We provide bussinesses with  full-service solutions to designing, planning and launching any type of  outdoor advertising campaign. From small business owners to large companies we create and provide placement of memorable messages specifically tailored to target your customers.

Feel free to explore our website or contact us for additional information.

Billboard Advertising

Our Billboards deliver maximum exposure to vehicular traffic on expressways, highways and primary arteries. Billboards offer unparalleled visibility.

  • Larger-format advertising structures located on major highways, expressways and primary arteries
  • Visible to drivers, commuters and long-distance travelers
  • Command your audience’s attention with creative three-dimensional designs, moving parts and extensions.


Digital Billboards

Digital Billboards are computer-controlled electronic displays. With ADCO technology, the possibilities are endless.

  • Ads rotate in a slide show fashion every 8-9 seconds
  • Located on major highways.
  • Change your message as often as you want with no production cost.
  • Display your ad within minutes.


ADCO Outdoor designers share their simple tips for creating effective outdoor advertising designs.

Keep these basic principles in mind as your advertising creative begins to plan.

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